Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's give it a try

Sometimes you just HAVE to try something...the more ridiculous the better. Here are three things I have tried this year...a small collection.

Sweetened condensed milk turned in to carmel by cooking it in boiled water. DELICIOUS but the canned dulce de leche is basically the same thing. Also, doing it this way requires you to use either gas/electricity for a long time. However. If I am ever house ridden and desperately needing carmel, I will do it again :)

Using balloons to dip in to wax to make a wax candle holder or tea lights. My husband and friends thought I was nuts for this one but I had to try...

And fail miserably did I! Haha. I made sure to stand as far back as possible before the impending POP. I have a feeling that if I had used a thicker balloon (we only had water ones on hand) it MAY have worked. Will I try it again? Probably not...

Balloons dipped in chocolate to make chocolate bowls...Success! Loved this and will do it again. They make molds for little bowls bu doing it with balloons makes it a unique experience I think.

Experimenting in the kitchen is so much fun...make sure to wear goggles when needed. :)

Something fishy going on

Yummy flavorful food is an obsession in this house. My husband and I and would eat lobster weekly if it wasn't so expensive! Thankfully I came across a special for $5 a tail, and bam, it was on.

All I excited I brought them home and stored them for a few days until it was Monday evening and it was time to create this culinary delight.

And then it struck me; how in the world do you cook lobster tail?

 I have eaten it, enjoyed it, delighted in it but never has it occurred to me how people cook it.

Thankfully we have the internet at our fingertips and so began my search. BBQ? Steam? Saute? Bake? Wooden skewers to prevent curling? A little overwhelming for the first time lobster cooking so I went with the one that sounded the easiest and the most yummy. Steaming it is.

Yummy flavorful food is an obsession in this house. My husband and I and would eat lobster weekly if it wasn't so expensive! Thankfully I came across a special for $5 a tail, and bam, it was on.

A few inches of water, a steam basket, 8-10 minutes of fascination with the changing colors and voila!

I simmered butter, garlic, salt, pepper, white white, a dash of Italian Seasoning and Red Pepper flakes, sauteed some shrimp and threw it all on some pasta.

And it was divine. Maybe next time I will try to bake or grill the tails, pending another amazing sale on them :)

Movin' on up...

Ordering business cards today for D'lsh Treats! There is a website being worked on thanks to the wonderful generosity and kindness that is Charles and I could not be more excited!



Saturday, April 14, 2012

Let there be cake

As a little girl I would concoct food creations and basically force my family to eat them. This consisted of just throwing things together (like broccoli and banana) or attempting to make homemade grape juice by peeling and crushing grapes. (I did that with about 5 grapes and then moved on). I by no means came by baking or cooking naturally, but always had a fascination for throwing random ingredients together, so I have been following that fascination and found that I LOVE to bake and create :) Whether it be cakes, a dessert table or appetizers, I love putting a smile on someones face when they first see or smell the tasty treats...and then all the hard work is devoured in 30 seconds. Totally worth it :p

Here is my latest cake for a friends mom who graduated an accounting program. I initially had issues with how much of it was not handmade, but I think it turned out cute and with time constraints it worked out well. 

Here is an example of cupcakes and a cake I did for our nephew...so much fun!
I have done quite a few now with disasters happening less frequently but each time I learn something new for next time! Here are a few others...next I will post how it started ;)