Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's give it a try

Sometimes you just HAVE to try something...the more ridiculous the better. Here are three things I have tried this year...a small collection.

Sweetened condensed milk turned in to carmel by cooking it in boiled water. DELICIOUS but the canned dulce de leche is basically the same thing. Also, doing it this way requires you to use either gas/electricity for a long time. However. If I am ever house ridden and desperately needing carmel, I will do it again :)

Using balloons to dip in to wax to make a wax candle holder or tea lights. My husband and friends thought I was nuts for this one but I had to try...

And fail miserably did I! Haha. I made sure to stand as far back as possible before the impending POP. I have a feeling that if I had used a thicker balloon (we only had water ones on hand) it MAY have worked. Will I try it again? Probably not...

Balloons dipped in chocolate to make chocolate bowls...Success! Loved this and will do it again. They make molds for little bowls bu doing it with balloons makes it a unique experience I think.

Experimenting in the kitchen is so much fun...make sure to wear goggles when needed. :)

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