Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Brie is one of my favorite cheeses..its versatile, tasty, creamy and just down right delicious. Some people are not as big of fans, but that just means more for me! (and dedicated to my mother in law, yes, you do eat the rind). :)
I have made an appetizer before with puff pastry in mini muffin cups, with brie and some type of preserve...on this particular night I had these ingredients but after an impromptu craft store trip with my friend, I needed something a tad quicker to whip up.

I had half a round of brie left so I decided to place the round on top half a sheet of puff pastry, spooned seedless strawberry jam on top, added some walnuts, wrapped it up and did a drizzle of jam and walnuts on top to toast.

Ok, so I baked it until golden brown and flaky on the outside, but note to self...wait a little bit longer.
I loved the taste of the flavors together but it needed to be cooked a bit longer for the pastry to get completely cooked inside. 
Loved the flavors and the concept, and it got devoured, which is always a good sign. 

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