Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sushi at home? In theory...

We love sushi. LOVE IT. Michael actually introduced me to sushi when we were first dating and I have definitely gotten braver as the years have gone by.

One night, after being thrilled with how making our own pasta turned out, we decided that we should make sushi. Why not? We bought a sushi roll roller at a vendor from Apple Hill and we were good to go.
From the store we bought fresh tuna, shrimp, veggies to tempura, sushi rice, cream cheese (I know, I know), and various other ingredients.

1. Tempura. SO much fun! It's incredibly easy to do at home and we did zucchini, banana and asparagus. Easy, yummy...will definitely do again,

2. Sauces. Sushi places have delicious sauces to adorn their rolls but let me tell you...they're a bit harder to recreate!

3. The sushi. Let me just say how excited we were to be making this. I mean we were cutting up veggies, slicing fish, I did the shrimp tempura style and the rice was made. According to multiply sources you need to add vinegar to the rice so that was done and now we're ready to roll.

Looks delicious. We each made our own roll with our own spin on it, sat down and dove in to our yummy culinary creation...

Only problem? It was HORRIBLE. 
I can't even describe how nasty it tasted versus the yumminess I was expecting. 
Apparently, we added too much vinegar to the nice and it had seeped in to the entire contents of the roll as we let it sit to get the seaweed softer.
Absolutely inedible.
It was by far one of the funniest moments we have ever had in the kitchen and I am pretty sure we just ate tempura that night.

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